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Artist: Terazaki Kogyo 1866-1919
Description: A lovely portrait of a Chinese lady, very beautiful in details and colors.
Title: Chinese Lady under Banana Trees,  or  A Chinese Beauty
Date: Ca. 1900 - 1910
Size: 19 x 29 cm
Condition: Fine in the colors and details, pasted on cardboard.

Biography Terazaki, Kôgyô 寺崎 広業 (1866 - 1919)
Terasaki Kōgyō was born in Akita in 1866. He moved to Tokyo in 1888 where he studied many styles of Japanese and Chinese painting, until he developed his own rather eclectic style. He was a teacher at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. He was also a member of the Art Committee of the Imperial Household.
His landscapes show the delicate Japanese style and colouring, yet at the same time they also show Western influence.
He was mainly a painter, but he also produced woodblock prints of bijin, kacho-eand war prints of the Russo-Japanese war, where he served as a war correspondent. On his prints Terazaki Kōgyō often used the name Sōzan (also pronounced Shūzan).

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General Terms and Conditions

Regarding Japanese prints, their condition can vary greatly with everything from beautiful colours and good details to stains, wear, wormholes and some soiling

Please see photos.


Please note that colors, shades and textures might appear different in photos than in real life. Our artwork is carefully photographed and we try to show our artwork as true to the originals as possible, but depending on what contrast, color settings and brightness you may have on your screen the photographs can vary from the original painting. If you wish to see more photos of a particular painting or if you have any questions, please contact us at and we will help you in any way that we can.

Terazaki Kogyo original woodcut print

1 400,00 krPrice
  • Chinese Lady under Banana Trees,  

    or  A Chinese Beauty

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