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Artist: Pontus Raud
Title:"It's Rude to Point"
Technique: engraving 
Edition: P.T1, P.T2, P.T3, P.T4 (provtryck / testprint) The prints differ some in color, please see photo. PT.2 is printed on a whiter paper.
Date: 1998
Dimensions: motif: ca 10 x 12 cm


Comment: OBS! These are four prints of the same motif, but they differ some in the print. Please see photographs.You can see which number the print has at the bottom of the picture.

Select the amount in the cart, and then email us which of the print(number) you have chosen.


"It's Rude to Point"

1 800,00 krPrice
  • "It's Rude to Point" by Pontus Raud

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