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Artist:     Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

Title: Hokusai manga, vol.12 / Denshin Kaishu, (Transmission from the Gods). Random Drawings by Hokusai, vol. 12. The Mouse
Description:    Exceptional diptych woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai.

This one has a great little mouse in kimono, from one of Hokusais Manga-books. Reprint edition circa 1950's. These prints are old stock that are in as new condition.

Manga Vol. 12 is one of fifteen volumes. The print is from a teaching handbook (e-dehon) containing 30 folded sheets (cho) with tri-colour illustrations (black sumi, light black sumi, and light vermilion) and text. With representations of people, plants and animals, fish, birds, mythological figures, landscapes, etc., covering 'all things in the universe'.

Date: of original: 1834 (Tenpo 5), date of this impression: ca 1950 
Format:  Diptyc: motif size, two sheets á ca 12,5 x 18cm, paper size ca 16  x 24 cm    
Condition: Washi paper with some stitching holes, slight toning, a few creases. Please see photos for details.


About Hokusai: It is probably true to say that Hokusai's reputation in the West was made by this endlessly inventive series of picture-books. Drawn with wonderful calligraphic strokes. A great example of the variety and depth of Hokusai's subjects and his incredible talent. A terrific choice for a collector of classic ukiyo-e.

Hokusais most iconic print is "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"


Read more about Hokusai, and his exciting manga-pictures:

Hokusai: the father of manga?
Tim Clark discusses the origins of manga, and debates whether Hokusai could actually be said to be the father of modern day manga...


The price do not include a passe-partout, since the person who chooses the frame should make the decision whether the diptych should be trimmed in the middle, so that the motifs will come closer together.

Please see photos.


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Hokusai woodcut diptych, after. Manga volym 12, The Mouse

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  • Hokusai woodcut diptych, after.Manga volym 12, The Mouse

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