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Title: UKIYO GAFU: Sketch Book of the Fleeting World, "Portrait"
Artists: Utagawa Hiroshige[1797-1858] and Keisai Eisen[1790- 1848]

Executed in a collaborative effort by two famous artists: Hiroshige I and Keisai Eisen . Working in concert they produced a lovely set of books with superbly charming and quaint illustrations.
Description:  Original woodcut prints, a beautiful sheet from the third volume/Ukiyo Gafu. The volume epicts human figures, landscapes, flowers, birds, insects, animals of all varieties, done in light tints. Illustrated in shades of Sumi gray, black and pastel orange(more pink). A fine example of the best of Japan’s great master artists.
Date:  ca 1840, Tenpō period (1830-1844)
Size: ca 14,5 x 21 cm
Condition:  Good condition for an antique, the paper is thin and there are some wear due to age and may include slight toning, some soiling, a few creases, and small binding holes in the margin, but it still look really beautiful framed. Please see photos for details.

About the book: The work reflects all genres and subjects of life, work and leisure in Japan during the mid-1800’s. Its a virtual dictionary of human and animal activity. This encyclopedic work gives us an insight to what most Japanese saw and were familiar with during their life-time. This is a joint edition by Keisai Eisen/Utagawa Hiroshige, urged by the success of Katsuhika Hokusai's manga.
With drawings of people, animals, plants, landscapes and mythological figures.

The price includes a gray passe-partout. (acid-free paper)

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General Terms and Conditions

Regarding Japanese prints, their condition can vary greatly with everything from beautiful colours and good details to stains, wear, wormholes and some soiling

Please see photos.


Please note that colors, shades and textures might appear different in photos than in real life. Our artwork is carefully photographed and we try to show our artwork as true to the originals as possible, but depending on what contrast, color settings and brightness you may have on your screen the photographs can vary from the original painting. If you wish to see more photos of a particular painting or if you have any questions, please contact us at and we will help you in any way that we can.

Hiroshige & Eisen original woodcut print: Portrait

850,00 krPrice
  • Hiroshige & Eisen original woodcut print: Portrait

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