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Artist: Possibly Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

Title: Landscape I
Description: A beautiful landscape in a small rare diptych, in a style that can be described as Hokusai. These sheets are original woodcuts from an old collection, and difficult to accurately date or determine artist, but probably Hokusai, from one of his picture-books during the first half of the 18oo's.
Period: Woodblock diptych From 1800s (early)
Format: Diptych: motif size, two sheets á 10,5x16cm, paper size 12 x 18 cm.

Together: Motif ca 16 x 22 cm, Paper ca 23 x 18 cm

Condition: Good condition for an antique, the paper is thin and there are some wear due to age and may include slight toning, a few creases, and small binding holes in the margin, but it still look really beautiful framed. Please see photos for details.


There are 6 Landscape from this serie for sale, and it can be very beautiful if two or more hang together. See photos. If You buy other items, combined shipping is possible.


About Hokusai: It is probably true to say that Hokusai's reputation in the West was made by this endlessly inventive series of picture-books. Drawn with wonderful calligraphic strokes. A great example of the variety and depth of Hokusai's subjects and his incredible talent. A terrific choice for a collector of classic ukiyo-e.

Hokusais most iconic print is "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"


Passe-partout: The price includes a black passe-partout.(acid-free paper)

Always use acid-free paper, and preferably glass with UV protection.


General Terms and Conditions

Please note that colors, shades and textures might appear different in photos than in real life. Our artwork is carefully photographed and we try to show our artwork as true to the originals as possible, but depending on what contrast, color settings and brightness you may have on your screen the photographs can vary from the original painting. If you wish to see more photos of a particular painting or if you have any questions, please contact us at and we will help you in any way that we can.

Beautiful Landscape Diptych I, possible Hokusai

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  • Beautiful Landscape Diptych I, possible Hokusai

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