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...some with gouache color

Pontus Raud's engravings are like a theater scene in which various acts are played in the form of drama, tragedy or comedy.

It is often a present abstract circle that emerges in the images: a kind of pulling force, a distraction from the actual event. Is there a way out?

Engraving with gouache means that all colors are hand-painted by the artist himself, so in that respect all gouauche engravings are unique and can differ some between them, so even if it is an edition, every engraving with gouauche is unique.

Many of the engravings are "P.T" / test prints, that is, the artist has tried his way in his studio and workshop, and this often are unique prints. All signed and approved by the artist.

Engravings: Om
Engravings: Ny kollektion
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