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There are many ways to frame woodcut prints.

A classic is the black passe-partout in a plain black frame, but the possibilities are endless! For example, it is nice to pick up some color from the picture in the passe-partout and thus enhance the color depth of the image.

Some passe-partout have a colored inner edge, for example a black passe-partout can have a white inner edge, or an inner edge in the color of gold…

Passe-partout can also have different thickness, or you can put two passe-partout in different colors next to each other, so that there is a frame in the frame.

They are also examples of having the prints laid on silk fabrics, or some other form of fabric-lined passe-partout... yes, anything is possible!

Frames can, as I said, be simple, but frames can also pick up color tones in the picture, or be adapted in their design to the context in which the painting will be presented.

However, it is important to always take care of your woodcut print, and one way to do so is to always frame with UV-protective glass, or Musei-glass, which will protect the print from sunlight. The colors are affected over the years and will become paler, these protective glasses will see to that the images last longer. But also make sure that the prints don’t hang in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the prints are 150-250 years old! It is fantastic! The UV-protective glass also removes a lot of disturbing reflections, so the colors come to their full right.

Inspiration: Om
Inspiration: Galleri
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